Shofars at Sunrise

Our sunrise call this year is a very significant national and global prayer assignment.  

In this time of RESET we want our regions and nations cleansed of those things that have raised themselves up against the knowledge of God 

– to bring down those things that we have raised up that are not of Him.  

When God gave us the date 16 May we didn’t know that it is the ‘International Day of Light’ and the ‘International Day of living together in Peace.’

He is our Peace – and He is the Light of the World!  Only in Him will our unity be full and complete! 

So as we are sounding shofars and indigenous instruments at the rising of the sun – we are declaring His praise and we are decreeing His purposes for this new era.  We are resetting the ground, and we are resetting our hearts.     

Our covenants and our devotion are with the One True God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  We will worship and obey Him and Him alone.

The other thing we came to realise is that the Torah readings for the 16 May are Leviticus 25-27:34.

These readings outline what the people of God were to do in the new land the Lord had given them…Leviticus 26 showing the blessing that would come if there were not graven images, no idols and no altars to false gods.  What God intends to pour out, the harmony and blessing He wants us to live in, can flow!  Plants, and prosperity will grow!  We want our nations to see fruitfulness, we want our nations to fulfil its destiny in this time and day – but we must follow the process that God shows us to see our country come into all that God intended.

We have prepared a PRAYER GUIDE.  It is an aid and a help to walk through a process of 

Adoration – Breaking Ties – Communion, Cleansing, Covenant – Declaration.

It means that we will literally be on the same page.  It can be a way of coming into unity of heart and declaration all around the world.

But, it is not a rule or a ritual.  This is an attitude of heart between us and God, it is the operation in the authority that God has given, using the keys of the Kingdom God has given us to establish His Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven.  We are operating out of love and we are led by the Spirit.

God bless you as you ask the Lord where He would have you go to sound shofars and instruments and to pray.  Some will be under national lockdown restrictions, others will be led by God to go to particular places that He shows are significant.  Where ever we are, we are establishing His praise, and we are reseting the land, the air, the water…we are positioning our hearts and our lives  – we are together with brothers and sisters all around our nations, and all over the world.

Thank you for being part of this prayer assignment – it is powerful and it’s a joy standing together in agreement.

We have also put together a Prayer of Preparation and Protection.  

This is something you can use as you feel to, to prepare to be part of what we are doing together on 16 MAY.  As we go into prayer assignments we need to be wise, and we need to function with the principles and protections God gives us.

We are not attacking principalities and powers, we are removing legal rights, we are cleansing our hearts and the ground, we are declaring His praise and covenanting to walk in His ways.  We know that through our obedience and through His word that is declared in faith – powerful things will take place.

‘And the God of peace will soon crush satan under your feet.  The grace of Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen!!’   Romans 16:20

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