Hosting a Nations Bless Israel Gathering is a great way to connect people in your community, town or city.

There is something powerful about coming together with others, building unity, and standing in agreement.  We are a body – of many and diverse parts, but all necessary.  Jesus final prayer was “Father make them one as you and I are one..”  It brings joy to a parents heart when their children are together, enjoying one another.  As brother and sisters in the body, and as brother and sister nations – it will bring joy to God’s heart as we join in love and unity.

Sunday night gives and opportunity to see many churches, organisations and people come together for a combined service.

Hosting a Nations Bless Gathering is a simple process

In New Zealand and in many nations there will be a national programme that is live streamed, so hosting it’s about :

– a venue that many can gather in
– setting the atmosphere
– sending out the word, linking with others and welcoming them to be part of the evening. 

Live streaming is not technically difficult – you just need:

– computer
– data projector
– internet connection
Download our Live stream fact sheet

In some countries there will be events hosted in different regions and states. There is opportunity to host an event,  to see God’s name praised and a pure offering released in every place – as in Malachi 1:11.

Those who cannot get to an event near them – can still stand in agreement link by livestream to their national event.

If you are in a nation where no National events are planned yet, or few regional events – contact us to see might be possible to see your Nation bless Israel.

Could you help to facilitate a gathering in your nation?

Contact us about the possibility of Hosting a Gathering in your town, city or for your nation.

Let us know your thoughts about what might be possible and any questions you have.  (use the form on our contact page)

We will be delighted to do what we can to assist.

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