Evening Gathering

We are joining together for evening gatherings from 7-9pm, Sunday 12 May. We are coming together from different churches, organisations, cultures and generations to release an offering of worship and to declare blessing to Israel.

  • It is changing the atmosphere over our town, region and nation
  • It is a prophetic declaration and act
  • It is coming in agreement in our communities, cities and towns and together taking spiritual responsibility for our nation blessing Israel


Together we will

  • Worship & declare key scriptures 
  • Repent as Christians for what we have done to Jewish people by our words, actions and attitudes 
  • Declare blessing to Israel – specifically naming the 12 tribes 
  • Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for God’s protection & His purpose for Israel 
  • Recognise Gods’ heart and intent to bless all nations. Genesis 12:3, Isaiah 19 
  • Speak blessing over our nations, cities and one another. 


We will be inviting the Israeli Ambassador, members of parliament, local government and tribal leaders to the event. It is not a political event, but it is a special occasion, a national event, and an expression of what Christian community is doing and saying.

Each nation will be giving it’s own offering to God. The worship will be an expression of the hearts and sounds of the people of the nation. We are coming before God’s throne from every tribe and tongue and nations, giving Him honor and agreeing together for Gods Kingdom to come in our nations as in heaven. Each nation will praise God and bless Israel. Together nations will bless Israel.


Unity is powerful – agreement is powerful.


Joining, or hosting an evening gathering is a wonderful opportunity to stand together to see blessing flow for Israel and for our nations.

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