Over many centuries Christians have not always blessed Jews.  In pogroms, purges, in direct persecution or in silence – Christians have taken part in cursing Jewish people.  We are taking responsibility to stand in agreement that every curse would be broken and that blessing be released.

We’re agreeing with God’s word and call to bless – “I will bless those who bless you,”  Genesis 12:3.  

We’re assured of God’s intention that – all nations of the world will be blessed; that giving blessing makes a way for receiving blessing.

We’re recognising the roots of our faith, and reponding with gratitude for the gifts we’ve been given,

               –   the patriachs and matriachs, the scriptures, the apostles, the martyrs, the good news which was preached from                                 Jerusalem, Judea to the ends of the earth.            

               –   We are not a new tree, we are grafted in – we are connected.  Romans 11.

We’re seeking the fullness of purpose and promise for God’s chosen people and all of God’s children to be fulfilled.

We’re aligning our nations with God’s end time purposes.



           Speaking and living out of blessing is powerful.  We want our communities and nation to be blessed.

                                                              We are chosing to be agents of blessing.