We’re calling people from many

churches, organisations and nations

to stand in love & unity   

releasing a wave of praise and blessing

around the world.

“For from the rising of the sun, even to it’s going down,

My name shall be great among the Gentiles;

In every place

          incense shall be offered in my name

And a pure offering;

For my name shall be great among the nations,”

Says the Lord of hosts.



Join us – Sunday  29 April, 2018

Standing in our Nation

In unity, simplicity and sincerity

On behalf of our Nation

In agreement and spiritual       authority

Linking with nations

Giving Glory to God

What is happening

Shofars at Sunrise  7AM

Simutananeously sound shofars and         indigenous instruments.  Pray and declare   on high places, beaches, city centres and wherever the Lord leads you.

At the opening of the day – the sound of blessing will go across the country and around the globe.

It will pass from nation to nation as people sound shofars at 7am in their time zone.

To get a copy of declarations you can use – 

Download declarations

Evening Gathering       7-9PM

Christians joining in love and unity, from many churches, organisations and cultures.

National events – will take place in many countries.

People in towns and cities will be able to join or host a combined event. Whether at a live service or by live-stream – we’re linking, to stand in agreement throughout our nations.

An incredible opportunity to be part of releasing a wave of worship and blessing around the world.

Download  preliminary programme

Join a Gathering

In New Zealand there will be gatherings in many cities and towns right across the country. Events will be happening in many nations and cities around the world.   See the Nations section on the  menu to see venue and contact  people near you….

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Host a Gathering

Hosting a Nations Bless Israel Gathering is a great way to connect people in your community, town or city. There is something powerful about coming together with others, building unity, and standing in agreement…

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Why Bless

WE’RE COMMITTED TO BLESSING  –  TAKING RESPONSIBILITY TO BLESS   Over many centuries Christians have not always blessed Jews.  In pogroms, purges, in direct persecution or in silence – Christians have taken part in cursing Jewish people.  We are taking responsibility…

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We know that “unless the Lord builds a house, the builders labour in vain…” Psalm 127:   Nations Bless Israel is a about releasing a wave of praise and blessing and it will only be birthed and brought forward through prayer                WE ARE PRAYING FOR God to build to His…

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      Join us – and be part of releasing a wave of

     worship and blessing around the world

                         …from the ends of the earth to Israel.

                             Get in Touch                                                     

feel free send to us an e-mail :   info@nationsblessisrael.com